Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peer response to Kristens beauty and body media image

In Kristen's blog, she talks about a group of people who believe that eating disorders are genetic and not caused by out culture and societal views on female beauty. I completely disagree with these people. If our society did not have a standard of beauty that is so unobtainable to the average person, I highly believe the number of people with eating disorders would go down. From my personal experiences, the main reason people develop these eating disorders are from societal pressures, whether they be a wrestler who needs to cut weight in order to compete, or a girl who just wants to fit into size 0 jeans. Using genetics as a reason for our cultures problem with eating disorders may have some merit, in that some people have more addictive personalities, but that is not an adequate explanation as to why there are such high rates of eating disorders among American people.

Health Care

After the health care bill recently passed in Congress and was signed into law by president Obama, all I've heard about in the news is that democrats love it and republicans really hate it. This New York Times article talks about the bills development and it's eventually passage into law. While it focuses mainly on the political problems associated with the bill, I feel it clearly lays out support for this momentous piece of American law making. The bill provides health care to millions of people who before were denied adequate health care coverage.
While I can not understand any opposition to this comprehensive health care reform, republicans and many Americans are up in arms against this bill. This article talks about how the bill impedes on individual rights and does not promote a free society. It practically calls the bill unamerican and against all of the founding principles of our great country. The main problem I have with this bill is that it talks about denying individual rights. I feel that the access to affordable and quality health care should be included in these natural rights, and as such believe this bill is sticking more closely to the founding principles of our country.
The first article is very articulate and lays down the political process for the bill. While it allows for people of many viewpoints to form their own ideas regarding this bill, I believe the background information and general tone of the article is in support of it. The second article is clearly an emotional appeal to people with strong American identities that like to jump on bandwagons. There is no reason I can see to be in opposition to this bill. This may come from the many problems I have had with insurance companies denying my coverage, or the lengthy processes needed to get the care I felt would greatly improve my life. I believe this bill will aid millions of people in getting the health care they naturally deserve and need.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peer response to Darrius's celebrity endorsement

Shaq apparently endorses crunch bars? Well according to Darrius' blog post he has for quite awhile. Well I think crunch bars are a lot like Shaq, boring and rather unappealing. Despite my views on both crunch bars and Shaq, Darrius presents a good argument about how nestle has effectively run an endorsement campaign using Shaq, with examples about that huge 9.25 pound candy bar. That candy bar probably weigh as much as my arm, actually according to KGB answers my arm would only weigh about 8.76 pounds. That candy bar weighs more then my arm. But yea I guess that Nestle and Shaq have both mutually benefited from this long standing endorsement deal that has made both parties lots and lots of money. I still think crunch bars are like the third worst candy bars, right behind mars bars and take 5 (what the hell is a take 5 candy bar my friend just told me about them when i was like yo throw out some bad candy bars that I can say are worse then crunch bars- but yea the general consensus is that crunch bars suck besides for my one friend who likes them, but hes a freak anyway-he can smell rain coming).


Dude, you know what I love. Sneakers. I really like shoes cause they make outfits so much better. If you have hot shoes your gonna look good, even if you're dressed like a goofy 4 year old. You know who else likes shoes? Kobe and LeBron. Mostly because they get endorsements and make tons of money off of them. Like the new Kobe shoes. They are really awesome and have really funny ads involving puppets. Watch it here on youtube. Bayum those shoes are hot. You know who I trust with basketball shoes? Basketball players. They know whats up with their shoes cause they have to play in them. This is why I believe Kobe and Lebron are qualified to endorse these shoes. Nike knows whats up, they listen to the players when making new shoes.
I bet Nike has sold tons of these shows. The sell for like $130 each. That's a lot of money kids. I also know the both LeBron and Kobe made tons of money off of these ads. They didn't even do anything! Those were puppets! They didn't really have to do any work! Man I wish I was famous enough for some guy from nike to call me and be like "ayo Pat Brady, we wana make an ad with puppets resembling you and and use your name to sell some shoes, we'll give you $300,000", I'd be like okay, give me that money and let me get back to being rich and drinking champagne. I feel endorsements are effective because they attach a name to a product, which I feel a quality person would not attach their name to a unquality product.
This guy thinks endorsements are bad. He says they pay people to much just for a name. I say let the companies throw money at already rich people, then we get to see them waste all their money on fine Italian sports cars that they will eventually crash.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Demo speech self evaluation.

Who is that handsome kid in this video I stumbled upon, oh wait that's me attempting to teach the class about bass guitars. Man, I probably should have planned the order of my speech out a little bit more. The whole section where I describe the differences between bass guitars and guitars was definitely supposed to come right after my intro. Also I look pretty awkward up there, swaying back and forth like I don't know what to do with myself and waving my hands around like some kind of fool. I also highly doubt anyone in the class could play me happy birthday if throw a bass guitar at them during my birthday bash, but maybe a few could stumble through it. Maybe I should have put a few more steps into the process instead of just playing it and saying "yep that's how to play it".
On the plus side I feel I made eye contact at appropriate times, and talked at a reasonably loud volume. My visual aid is just awesome too, I mean come on it's also an auditory aid which is just double the fun. I guess I dressed appropriate for a speech about playing bass, considering most bass players are laid back and enjoy comfortable clothing such as that 100% cotton shirt I was rocking. The blue hair also aided a nice rock n' roll touch in my opinion.
Overall I think it was a fun, slightly informative speech. If your sharp and really paying attention to me, I bet you could play me some pretty sweet bass lines, and by pretty sweet bass lines I mean happy birthday.

Responce to Jessica's Real vs Fake Food

In her post, Jessica talks about her personal experience with raw milk vs what we probably all drink today. Up until I was about 10, every summer when I visited my grandparents in Wisconsin, my mom would take us to the McCabe farm owned by her uncle. There I would play with barn kittens, feed the calves, and drink the raw milk. Coming from the east coast, I feel milk is just not as big a part of my diet and I drink much less of it then most mid westerners, but I would never turn down a glass of milk fresh from the farm. I completely agree that processing mostly reduces the natural, wonderful flavors of food and destroys the integrity of the food. The human body evolved for hundreds of years eating natural foods, so that is what it is suited to eating.
While the body evolved eating this food, this also doesn't change the fact that we are removed from where our food is made, meaning it will require some processing so that is still in a consumeable state when it arrives to our table. I would much rather have a slightly unhealthier version of milk then a cup full of bacteria and other microorganisms just waiting to make me feel like I got hit by a train.
While theoretically I agree with everything Jessica said in her post, I would never put the effort into getting raw milk unless someone offered me a glass, partly because I'm really lazy, but also because I feel the processed foods do good enough for me. This is why I don't have to put much effort into getting myself a nice cup of milk when my mom sends me a box of girl scout cookies.

I Made a Meal!

Yes it's true, I can cook. While I do not have the normal amenities every cook needs, like a kitchen, I feel i can make a pretty satisfying meal. For this I decided to cook myself some delicious sweet and sour chicken. How did I cook this in my dorm room without a stove you ask? Well obviously it was a store bought, processed, sweet and sour chicken mix. While this isn't exactly what I meant when I said I could cook, I'm working with what I have.
Okay so back to the sweet and sour chicken. I opened the package, poured it in the one bowl I have in my dorm room, and cooked it in my microwave then sat and enjoyed it. Obviously I would have enjoyed actually cooking an elaborate meal that I could savor, this would do for a Wednesday night. The chicken was tender, and the sauce was made perfectly-not to sweet.
In his book, Pollan argues that Americans do not enjoy eating. I definitely do not agree with this, mostly because I love eating and enjoying the complexity of all foods. This guy here also agrees with Pollan and states how us Americans scarf down food left and right, but I really feel differently. The fact that the food we generally consume isn't right off the farm does not make it not food, but instead just a different kind of honestly quite unhealthy food. American cuisine may be processed, unhealthy, and in reality pretty disgusting, but man does it taste good and is still definitely food.