Saturday, March 20, 2010

Responce to Jessica's Real vs Fake Food

In her post, Jessica talks about her personal experience with raw milk vs what we probably all drink today. Up until I was about 10, every summer when I visited my grandparents in Wisconsin, my mom would take us to the McCabe farm owned by her uncle. There I would play with barn kittens, feed the calves, and drink the raw milk. Coming from the east coast, I feel milk is just not as big a part of my diet and I drink much less of it then most mid westerners, but I would never turn down a glass of milk fresh from the farm. I completely agree that processing mostly reduces the natural, wonderful flavors of food and destroys the integrity of the food. The human body evolved for hundreds of years eating natural foods, so that is what it is suited to eating.
While the body evolved eating this food, this also doesn't change the fact that we are removed from where our food is made, meaning it will require some processing so that is still in a consumeable state when it arrives to our table. I would much rather have a slightly unhealthier version of milk then a cup full of bacteria and other microorganisms just waiting to make me feel like I got hit by a train.
While theoretically I agree with everything Jessica said in her post, I would never put the effort into getting raw milk unless someone offered me a glass, partly because I'm really lazy, but also because I feel the processed foods do good enough for me. This is why I don't have to put much effort into getting myself a nice cup of milk when my mom sends me a box of girl scout cookies.

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