Saturday, March 20, 2010

Demo speech self evaluation.

Who is that handsome kid in this video I stumbled upon, oh wait that's me attempting to teach the class about bass guitars. Man, I probably should have planned the order of my speech out a little bit more. The whole section where I describe the differences between bass guitars and guitars was definitely supposed to come right after my intro. Also I look pretty awkward up there, swaying back and forth like I don't know what to do with myself and waving my hands around like some kind of fool. I also highly doubt anyone in the class could play me happy birthday if throw a bass guitar at them during my birthday bash, but maybe a few could stumble through it. Maybe I should have put a few more steps into the process instead of just playing it and saying "yep that's how to play it".
On the plus side I feel I made eye contact at appropriate times, and talked at a reasonably loud volume. My visual aid is just awesome too, I mean come on it's also an auditory aid which is just double the fun. I guess I dressed appropriate for a speech about playing bass, considering most bass players are laid back and enjoy comfortable clothing such as that 100% cotton shirt I was rocking. The blue hair also aided a nice rock n' roll touch in my opinion.
Overall I think it was a fun, slightly informative speech. If your sharp and really paying attention to me, I bet you could play me some pretty sweet bass lines, and by pretty sweet bass lines I mean happy birthday.

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