Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peer response to Darrius's celebrity endorsement

Shaq apparently endorses crunch bars? Well according to Darrius' blog post he has for quite awhile. Well I think crunch bars are a lot like Shaq, boring and rather unappealing. Despite my views on both crunch bars and Shaq, Darrius presents a good argument about how nestle has effectively run an endorsement campaign using Shaq, with examples about that huge 9.25 pound candy bar. That candy bar probably weigh as much as my arm, actually according to KGB answers my arm would only weigh about 8.76 pounds. That candy bar weighs more then my arm. But yea I guess that Nestle and Shaq have both mutually benefited from this long standing endorsement deal that has made both parties lots and lots of money. I still think crunch bars are like the third worst candy bars, right behind mars bars and take 5 (what the hell is a take 5 candy bar my friend just told me about them when i was like yo throw out some bad candy bars that I can say are worse then crunch bars- but yea the general consensus is that crunch bars suck besides for my one friend who likes them, but hes a freak anyway-he can smell rain coming).

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