Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Health Care

After the health care bill recently passed in Congress and was signed into law by president Obama, all I've heard about in the news is that democrats love it and republicans really hate it. This New York Times article talks about the bills development and it's eventually passage into law. While it focuses mainly on the political problems associated with the bill, I feel it clearly lays out support for this momentous piece of American law making. The bill provides health care to millions of people who before were denied adequate health care coverage.
While I can not understand any opposition to this comprehensive health care reform, republicans and many Americans are up in arms against this bill. This article talks about how the bill impedes on individual rights and does not promote a free society. It practically calls the bill unamerican and against all of the founding principles of our great country. The main problem I have with this bill is that it talks about denying individual rights. I feel that the access to affordable and quality health care should be included in these natural rights, and as such believe this bill is sticking more closely to the founding principles of our country.
The first article is very articulate and lays down the political process for the bill. While it allows for people of many viewpoints to form their own ideas regarding this bill, I believe the background information and general tone of the article is in support of it. The second article is clearly an emotional appeal to people with strong American identities that like to jump on bandwagons. There is no reason I can see to be in opposition to this bill. This may come from the many problems I have had with insurance companies denying my coverage, or the lengthy processes needed to get the care I felt would greatly improve my life. I believe this bill will aid millions of people in getting the health care they naturally deserve and need.

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