Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peer response to Kristens beauty and body media image

In Kristen's blog, she talks about a group of people who believe that eating disorders are genetic and not caused by out culture and societal views on female beauty. I completely disagree with these people. If our society did not have a standard of beauty that is so unobtainable to the average person, I highly believe the number of people with eating disorders would go down. From my personal experiences, the main reason people develop these eating disorders are from societal pressures, whether they be a wrestler who needs to cut weight in order to compete, or a girl who just wants to fit into size 0 jeans. Using genetics as a reason for our cultures problem with eating disorders may have some merit, in that some people have more addictive personalities, but that is not an adequate explanation as to why there are such high rates of eating disorders among American people.

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