Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dude, you know what I love. Sneakers. I really like shoes cause they make outfits so much better. If you have hot shoes your gonna look good, even if you're dressed like a goofy 4 year old. You know who else likes shoes? Kobe and LeBron. Mostly because they get endorsements and make tons of money off of them. Like the new Kobe shoes. They are really awesome and have really funny ads involving puppets. Watch it here on youtube. Bayum those shoes are hot. You know who I trust with basketball shoes? Basketball players. They know whats up with their shoes cause they have to play in them. This is why I believe Kobe and Lebron are qualified to endorse these shoes. Nike knows whats up, they listen to the players when making new shoes.
I bet Nike has sold tons of these shows. The sell for like $130 each. That's a lot of money kids. I also know the both LeBron and Kobe made tons of money off of these ads. They didn't even do anything! Those were puppets! They didn't really have to do any work! Man I wish I was famous enough for some guy from nike to call me and be like "ayo Pat Brady, we wana make an ad with puppets resembling you and and use your name to sell some shoes, we'll give you $300,000", I'd be like okay, give me that money and let me get back to being rich and drinking champagne. I feel endorsements are effective because they attach a name to a product, which I feel a quality person would not attach their name to a unquality product.
This guy thinks endorsements are bad. He says they pay people to much just for a name. I say let the companies throw money at already rich people, then we get to see them waste all their money on fine Italian sports cars that they will eventually crash.

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