Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real vs fake food

If there's one food I love with my whole heart and will eat at any time, it might just be beef jerky. Man, I love beef jerky. It's the perfect food; filling, delicious, and easy to make. Back in Delaware, I would go to a local farmers market and buy some beef jerky from a local butcher. It was delicious, spicy, and complex. It cost about $10 a pound and was simply my favorite snack. Now I go to Carson's carryout and get what is processed, mediocre tasting jerky. It's bland, has to much salt, and the spiced varieties simply taste like they threw some garlic powder or barbecue sauce on the jerky before they packaged it. Why can't they just marinate the meat like they're supposed to? The only reason I do not buy better jerky is I don't know where to get any. The day i find a good, relatively cheap, and convenient place to buy beef jerky I will start getting jerky once again.

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