Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Responce to Austin's in Defense of Pollan

In his post, Austin starts out by agreeing with Pollan about food being more then just chemical energy to people, but also a pleasure. I personally love all aspects of food: cooking, presentation, the complex tastes, and how it brings people together. The majority of Americans do not appreciate food for all it can be, which is why we are content with the food we currently eat, which isn't particularly good in most senses.

I also agree that food is getting less nutritious, whether it be from extensive processing or just that we eat more unhealthy food. Austin also brings up that proper exercise and lifestyles will allow for more "wiggle room" in your diet, which is completely true. One double stacker from burger king isn't going to kill you if you exercise daily and generally eat healthy. It's also true that eating healthy at certain stages of your life, especially college, is extremely hard, but there are definitely ways to maintain a healthy diet in college.

Austin presents Pollan's arguments clearly, and he elaborates with his own opinions on both of the issues brought up. The link to the blog about nutritious eating supports the fact that it is harder then Pollan's simple advice to actually change your diet and start eating that way. If it was as simple as replacing a burger with a salad, that cost the same and gave the same enjoyment from eating, we would't have a problem with obesity in America

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