Friday, February 5, 2010

Lets get some links, 1st assigned post

unhealthy food
oh this little blog about delicious tasty treats that possibly give you a heart attack after one meal. one day me and my best friend michael demayo made a roll of bacon and cheese weaved together and baked. Man, it was good. But really, do not eat like this or you will develop some serious weight problems

healthy foods
you should probably eat more like that. I mean they say it's tasty, but i just do not like healthy food. I wish you kids had wawa in the Midwest,WAWA, its such a good store we have in the mid-Atlantic area. They have wraps and the best coffee. One time the checkout lady forgot to scan my peppered turkey and bacon wrap but still put it in my bag, as soon as i got that bag in my hands I booked it and sped off. But really everyone should eat healthy and stuff, so read that other blog and not the first one.

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